Machine building and conveyors

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Design & planning

We manufacture equipment for separations, quarries, production of conveyors … We build or upgrade the entire technology for your requirements.

Ensuring high quality of welding works. We carry out control of the production of steel structures and metal products with all the necessary calculations and standards. We also do 3D modeling. INOX production of equipment.


Ww design and manufacture storage tanks – container, silo, made of INOX metal in combination with a frame made of ordinary steel.  Inquiry on


Ww design and manufacture cabinet, tray trolley for production manipulations, made of INOX metal.  Inquiry on

Chain metal conveyors

Implementation of complete, especially strong chain conveyors, according to the customer’s request. Built-in materials for tougher conditions.

The material is transported with the help of a conveyor chain and transverse catching blades.

Belt robust conveyors

Implementation of stronger belt conveyors for the transport of granular materials, according to the customer’s request.

Belt conveyors

Conveyor belts are made according to the client’s requirements. Manufactured from robust profile construction for various purposes in production.

Robust conveyor belts

The basic construction is made robustly and is surface protected by hot galvanizing process, which ensures a long service life of the conveyor.

Conveyor belts with self-supporting construction type CK and conveyor belts with low profile construction type PK. Conveyors of this type are mainly intended for the transport of grain materials (sand fractions) in quarries and at separations.

Manufacture of machines and constructions – custom made

Design and manufacture of machines for the purpose of crushing, screening and manipulation of bulk material in quarries, concrete plants, separations and heavy industry.

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