Safety LED lighting for production

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Ensure safety for you and your employees. Use warning lights, anti-collision systems and other technologies that can effectively reduce the number of incidents involving your employees and company vehicles. Our collision detection and avoidance systems are superb tools designed to help you prevent forklift accidents. The system works easily and wirelessly. Each forklift or working machine can have a flashing warning lamp on the roof and a unit that emits a signal that warns the approaching worker or another forklift operator in time about the danger of collision (accident) in the form of a SIGNAL FLASHING LAMP installed at passages, dangerous sections and working wirelessly. Or a PERSONAL UNIT FOR WORKERS, such as a bracelet on his arm or attached to his helmet, which warns him in time of the approaching the forklift or a work machine. The system warns from 5m to 30m, depending on how the zones are set.


Production and installation of safety LED safety lighting “warning line” which alerts the worker to a suspended load. LED safety lights are specially designed for industrial, robust use and vibration resistance. The case is additionally cooled. The 5-year warranty tells us about the extremely high quality of the lamps.      PROGTECH SLOVENIA, Progtech Slovenia, Ironlight doo


Safety warning LED lights trails, marking for pallets positions, crossings and other safety warnings and directions.  Industrial use and 5 year warranty.    PROGTECH SLOVENIA, Progtech Slovenia, Ironlight doo safety light

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